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Teacher Aide

We are looking for enthusiastic, observant, and caring individuals who enjoy working, playing, and communicating with both young children and adults. This entry level position is ideal for students or career-changers new to or interested in the field of early childhood education or closely related areas who are exploring the possibilities of working with young children and their families. Interest in the Montessori method of education is a plus. Teacher Aide candidates must have a high school diploma, GED, or be enrolled in an accredited, high school-based ROP program. Pediatric CPR/First Aid Training is a plus.



Assistant Teacher

An Assistant Teacher is the “glue” in the daily operation of the classroom; whether actually refilling the glue containers, supporting the Teacher or Master Teacher, or helping children to navigate the day successfully and happily, this person helps to make it all come together! We are seeking individuals with lots of positive energy, someone who is observant and learns quickly, is growing in their understanding of children, and responsible. Ideal candidates are not limited to but would include current students in early childhood education. All applicants must have completed at least 6 semester units of ECE. Montessori training, Montessori teaching experience, and/or a Child Development Associate Teacher Permit are highly desirable. Pediatric CPR/First Aid Training is a plus.




This position requires a creative, positive, experienced individual who can work collaboratively and has evidence of growth over time in their understanding of child development and learning. 6 ECE units and some formal Montessori training required; previous Montessori teaching experience is a plus. Ideal candidates are not limited to but would include current students in early childhood education, or recent graduates of a formal ECE or Montessori certificate program. 12 or more ECE units (in addition to Montessori training) are highly desirable. Pediatric CPR/First Aid Training is a plus.



Lead Teacher

A Lead Teacher has highly effective communication, curriculum development/ implementation experience, and supervision skills, and is “in charge” of the classroom and children’s learning, development, and well-being. A teacher in this position would be a role model and leader among the teachers in the school, and would directly supervise a Teacher, Assistant Teacher, and/or Teacher Aide. Lead Teachers are experienced, warm, competent, and well-prepared with a certificate in Montessori education and a minimum of 24 ECE units. Possession of a Child Development Teacher Permit or Master Teacher Permit and/or AA or higher degree is highly desirable. Pediatric CPR/First Aid Training is a plus.




Site Director

This position requires a seasoned educator who shows strong leadership, organizational, and management skills. Directors are dynamic, savvy, personable, and well-versed in multiple theories and methods of ECE. We seek candidates who embody the above and infect those around them with inspiration, motivation and desire to be excellent educators and advocates for children. More than 5 years of successful teaching experience, a Montessori teaching certificate, BA in ECE or closely related field, and completion of 6 ECE units in Administration of Early Childhood programs plus 2 units of Supervising Adults, and understanding of Title 22 regulations are required. Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or Program Director Permit and Master’s or Doctoral degree are highly desirable. Successful Pediatric CPR, First Aid Training, and 15 hours of preventive health practices training are required.



For Assistant Teacher and Teacher positions, candidates must have a minimum of 6 units of Early Childhood Education (ECE), and be able to verify a minimum of 6 months of experience in early childhood group settings. Candidates with less than 12 ECE units must be enrolled in at least 2 ECE units per semester or quarter until they have reached a minimum of 12 ECE units, including courses in Child Growth & Development; Child, Family & Community; and Curriculum.


All positions require the ability to see, make eye contact, hear, stand, crouch, sit, lift up to 40 lbs. at least 10-15 times daily, and ability to occasionally move quickly to effectively respond to children’s needs, conflicts, or emergencies without harming the employee’s health. Candidates must also be 18 years of age or over.


Before employment commences, all successful applicants must submit to a criminal background check via fingerprints and be provided with clearance from the California Department of Justice and the FBI upon completion of this process. Within the first 7 days of employment, all new employees must provide evidence of passage of a physical exam and a negative TB test result from a licensed medical professional within the last calendar year.

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