AppleSeed International desires to recruit, hire, motivate, and develop STELLAR PEOPLE from a range of diverse backgrounds who work together to achieve common business objectives. At AppleSeed International, we believe diversity and an inclusive work environment are a conscious part of how the school conducts business. By fostering diversity and inclusion into our daily practices, we instill a mindset in our associates and leadership that equips them to think consciously about diversity and inclusion in how they conduct business. This means that all employees, from unique backgrounds and nationalities, gender, race, sexual orientation, age and physical ability are treated fairly regarding opportunities for individual development, promotions, benefits, assignments and responsibilities, evaluations, and wages. We promote unity, respect, and human dignity, and oppose discrimination in any form within our business and our community. We steadfastly educate our entire organization to gain understanding and appreciation of culturally diverse groups in our area. We strive to ensure full participation, both in principle and practice.

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